"I saw the Rocky Horror show in the early 80’s. Everybody was dressed up in costumes in the audience and knewall the lines in the show. Restoration of the Queen would be a great revitalization for the economic life of the community and all the restaurants and stores would benefit." - Ann Yaklovitch - Has background in theater

"Especially at Christamas time the milkman delivered the milk bottles and you could use those paper tops for your entry ticket to the show for children., Santa would always be there and they would show a Christmas movie and it was an annual event that we always looked forward to.

It had a different type of movies that were shown at the Queen than up the street at the Kaimuki theater. Kaimuki was more the family oriented one and the Queen was more on the racier side.

I Definitely want to have it restored as it is part of the culture of the neighborhood. I’m sad that the Kaimuki was torn down which was similar to the Princess downtown with a balcony. I miss the ticket booth with the pamphlets they would pass out with the upcoming features." - Mary Marko - Born and raised in Kaimuki

"Kaimuki, all my life. When I was 12 or 13 years old I remember watching the movie “Some Like It Hot” with Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe. It was a good fun program, maybe cost a dollar and a quarter. The movie was usually crowded and my parents would come too. I took my wife and my mother-in-law in the more recent days when they showed” Deep Throat”, which was the last movie I saw here.

We had this wonderful theater with the parking lot in the back and they showed regular movies and had a great lobby right here in the front. Because they had a double feature people would make an evening of it. Before the movie started there was a newsreel and then cartoons and then the double feature. People didn’t go out to a restaurant before like they do now.

I’d like to see it restored, it’s a good theater on the corner with lots of parking. There used to be the Kaimuki Theater and it’s gone now Kaimuki should have a theater would make this area more complete. You have all these eating places it would make it a great evening. - Nelson Yuen




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